Maryjane Shoes (sleepygrl25) wrote in all_runners,
Maryjane Shoes


Very proud of myself because I managed to run five days this week.  Also, my time seems to be improving.  I say "seems" because I always forget a watch to actually time myself, I try not to worry too much about minutes and seconds.  
Purchased a new pair of running shoes yesterday, new balance, which I like because they have different widths, and I have wide feet.  I had gotten cheap shoes when I started (about three months ago), and said if I stuck with it I could get a better pair.  So I stuck with it (so far) and bought a new pair of shoes.  At a great price, they were buy one, get one, so me and the hubby each got a pair and the total was less than $80.  Awesome.  
So, short term goal is to increase one of my 3 mile runs to a 4 miler this week.  Long term goal, by April, I'd like to finish the 3k in 27 minutes.  Anybody else have any goals?
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I still can't believe how cheap those shoes are...