ppsassygrl (ppsassygrl) wrote in all_runners,

Introductory Post/Personal Challenge...

Thanks for making a running community--I love being able to discuss my good (and bad!) runs. I ran this morning, but it was a small run (only 3 miles), and I'll admit I went somewhat slowly. Tomorrow we have a brunch (eep!), so I'll probably only do the elliptical, but may wait to run until the afternoon and try to stretch to 5 or 6 so I can begin building mileage for another marathon. Sometimes I find when I run in the afternoon I actually do a little better than when I run in the morning, which is funny because I *prefer* running in the morning so I can get the sweating and whatnot overwith.
Anyway, I'll use this as a tracking goal: Tomorrow I aim to run five miles. I'll post to let everyone know whether or not I actually do it. Sunday's a big one; I want to try to go for an 8-miler!! :-)

(Miles run today: 3; Time: No clue because I forgot my watch)
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